2020 Schedule for the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP)

2020 CMP High Power Service Rifle Match Schedule

Saturday Apr 18 CMP Clinic 0800 to 1730

Saturday May 16 National Match Course* 0830 to 1300

Saturday June 13 National Match Course* 0830 to 1300

Saturday Sept. 19 National Match Course* 0830 to 1300

Saturday Oct. 17 Garand / M-1 Carbine Match* 0830 / Carbine Match to follow

*Distance of the match will be one hundred yards using standard NRA Approved targets

Acceptable Rifles: U.S Rifles cal. 30, 7.62, and 5.56, M1, M1A, AR15 or equivalent. Any service bolt action that has not been sporterized. Civilian Target High power Rifles with iron sights may be shot in a separate classification. M-1 carbine only may be used for the Carbine Match.

Course of fire: CMP National Match format fired at one hundred yards on reduced scale targets.

Squadding: All relays will be squadded before the match. You must register to pick up your squad assignment.
You will be required to score, patch targets, and retrieve targets for other relays. The match will be limited to three relays. Registration time is 0830; the first relay will start at 0900.

Equipment: Rifle, appropriate magazines or clips (min. 2 each), ear & eye protection, ammunition and open-bolt indicators (available at the match for $1) are required; a spotting scope would be desirable as well as a shooting pad.

A limited number of Club AR-15 rifles and equipment may be used with prior request . Contact John Orr below.

Match Fees: Full match fee will be $10.00; Juniors 14 to 20 yrs old will be $5.00.

Disabled Veterans: We are interested in getting Disabled Veterans involved in shooting sports. If there is anybody interested let us know. We will need advanced notification in order to accommodate the interested people. The individuals must be capable of handling the above-mentioned firearms safely in order to compete. At least a week advanced notice would be required, including the level of disability. Rifles and ammo can be provided for at least the initial participation.

Information: For any questions, please contact: the CMP Chairman – John Orr at johncorr@metrocast.net

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