Annual Meeting on December 18, 2017 By-Law Vote and open BOD positions

MWSA Members

During our Annual Meeting on December 18, 2017 beginning at 7 PM we will be voting on the revised by-laws.  The by-laws were reviewed and modified by a committee of 6 MWSA Members and 2 BoD Representatives. The BoD reviewed the by-laws on September 11, 2017 and by unanimous consent the BoD approved the committee’s submission/proposed changes to the By-laws. The approval of the by-laws require a two-thirds vote of the active members present in person at the annual meeting.

Members will be requested to show their MWSA Badge and ID in order to cast a vote.

Please remember that a Family membership shall have only one vote.  The following membership types do not have voting privileges: Junior, Student, Honorary Life, Corporate & Active Duty Military.

Also, at the Annual Meeting on December 18, 2017 there will be a vote for Election of Directors.  Anyone who wishes to be considered for one of the three Board of Director seats which will become vacant on December 31, 2017 MUST have the properly executed Nomination Form in no later than the close of the November 6, 2017 Board meeting.

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