Q. Do I have to be an expert shooter to join Major Waldron Sportsman’s Association (MWSA)?
A. No. We have many shooting, hunting, fishing, archery and wildlife conservation courses annually. Let our certified instructors teach you the basics.

Q. Does MWSA have family memberships?
A. Yes. We welcome families.

Q. Is it expensive?
A. No. The annual cost for new members is $160 for individuals and $190 for families.  The rates for renewing members is $100 for individuals and $115 for families.

Q. How do I join?
A. Print the online membership (a pdf file). Fill it out and mail it in to alongwith a NRA card or proof of application to the NRA for the primary member to:
Major Waldron Sportsman’s Association, PO Box 314, Barrington, NH, 03825-0314.
Your membership will be voted on at our monthly Board’ meeting on the first Monday of the month at 7:00 PM.

Q. When are the ranges open?
A. From 9AM until  sunset (no later than 8PM) except for Christmas and Easter. Check the monthly calendar for events and range availability.

Q. Somebody told me I have to join the NRA. Is that true?
A. Yes. We request that all members join the NRA. We are a 100 percent NRA club.

Q. Does MWSA offer hunter safety courses?
A. Yes. Each year we offer certified hunter safety courses.

Q. Are women welcome?
A. Of course. MWSA is a family association.

Q. How about children?
A. Children are welcome with proper adult supervision. MWSA sponsors youth programs in many areas.


Did you know…?

The club’s gavel was donated by Levi Felker.

Back in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s the club raised trout. The state would provide the fish and members would feed them. The food used to feed the trout was liver which came by railroad express at a cost of 7 cents a pound.

Four of Major Waldron’s members lost their lives in World War 2. There is a shield hanging in the meeting room with the names of all who served. The 4 gold stars are the ones who died.

In 1945 members would car pool to meetings because of gas rationing with pickup points at Merchant’s Bank, City Hall and Brown’s Drug Store.

In 1951 the club planted 851 white pine seedlings on the property as part of was a woodlot development plan.

Early club meetings used to take place at Varney’s Laundromat.

Austin Calef donated the pine paneling for the walls in the meeting hall.

In July 1942 the mortgage on Major Waldron’s was paid off with money earned in a War Bond raffle.  And a mortgage burning ceremony was held along with a lobster supper.

During the 40’s, 50’s and 60’ s some of Major Waldron’s land was leased to growers (for $1.00) to plant crops (potatoes). This was done to help cultivate the land.

The fawn in the glass case came from when a dog attacked a pregnant deer. C.O. Tuttle found that the doe had 2 fawns, but couldn’t save either one. A taxidermist later gave one of the fawns to the club. The fawn was later stolen from the club. Ellis Hatch who at the time was fish and game commissioner received  a call from someone who said it could be found on the back steps of the Congregational Church in Rochester. It was then returned to the club.

The red and white sign outside the building was donated by Margaret and Ed Beal.

The club used to raise pheasant. They built a large pen over by Rt. 9 and Ham Road. They also had a garden patch on the club grounds to grow feed for the pheasants and other wild birds.