MWSA Archery Event – Sunday Afternoon’s 1 – 4pm

MWSA is happy to announce the start of an Archery Shoot at the Club.
Youth, Adults, Compound or Traditional all are welcome.
Events will be shot on Sunday afternoons from 1pm – 4pm
There will be a nominal fee, but all participants on July 12th and 19th shoot for free!
Bring your bows and arrows and come on out and give it a try!

Details: Archery Shoot
Start date will be 7/12/20.
Hours of 1pm to 4 pm.

Youth archery
Will be fired from 10, 15 and 20 yards, a total of 12 arrows,
4 arrows from each distance.
If a youth archer gets the target with a bonus dot, regardless of what distance they shoot from if they hit the dot they will get a free round.

Traditional archery
Will be fired from 20, 30, and 40 yards, a total of 12 arrows
2 arrows from 20 yards,
4 from 30 yards and
6 from 40 yards distance.
If a traditional archer gets the target with the bonus dot, they may choose to aim for the bonus dot at 30 yards or more, if they hit the bonus dot they will receive a free round.

Compound archery
Will be fired from 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 yards.
Disclaimer: there will be a change to the arrow quantities at distances here to greatly reduce the potential for “Robin-Hoods”.
Archers will fire:
1 arrow from 20,
2 from 30,
3 from 40,
3 from 50 and
3 from 60 yards.
If a compound archer receives the target with the bonus dot, they may choose to aim for the bonus dot at 40 yards or more, if they hit the bonus dot they will receive a free round.

Free rounds
How free rounds work.
For Traditional and Compound archers, archers must be part of a 4 archer squad in order for the free round to count. For Youth archers, regardless of how many archers are in the squad ( 1,2,3, or 4) if a youth archer hits the bonus dot they will receive a free round.

Each archer will fire 12 arrows per round, max score will be 120. The bullseye (X ring) on the target will count as 10 points, each ring outward from the center will be of lesser value, 9, 8 7 and so on.
Failure to hit the target rings will score a 0 for traditional and compound archers, for youth archers missing the target
rings yet still hitting the paper will result in 1 point.

For the dates of 7/12/20 and 7/19/20, the archery games will be run for free.
Please tell your friends and join us for our fun new event!

After 7/19/20 until 9/6/20 the archery event will be run every Sunday.
(For hunters this should be enough time for practice and preparation for the start this hunting season!)

The cost will be $3.00 for members and $4.00 for non-members per round.

In the wave of Covid 19, even with the event being held outdoors, everyone is still asked to respect social distancing.
Masks are recommended but not required.
Only one person will handle payments, check in and scoring.

All attendees will sign a liability/safety waiver.
All archers are responsible for their own arrows, including any damage to their arrows are at their own risk.
We have the opportunity to have great things in the future, so all attendees are asked to be mindful of their own trash, carry out what you bring in.

Attendees will enter the field via the first gate next to Ham road, across from the Club house parking lot, parking in the field will be indicated.

Questions can be directed to the Outdoor Archery Range coordinator Randy Riggs by text or phone at (401) 309-7301 or via email at

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