MWSA Coronavirus Impact – Activity Cancellations


Coronavirus Impacted Activity Cancellations

In response to the growing concerns over the current COVID-19 virus outbreak the Major Waldron Sportsmen’s Association (MWSA) Board of Directors has decided to follow recommendations by President Trump and temporarily cancel the following scheduled events:

Monthly Member Meetings
Affiliated Club Meetings hosted at the Club
Venture Crew
Indoor Range Events
Thursday night Open Shoots
Smallbore Rifle
Action Shooters Group

The Outdoor and Shotgun Ranges at Major Waldron Sportsmen’s Association (MWSA) are still open for now. The Indoor Range is still open for members who have been qualified on its use and have their own key code.

The Board of Directors (BoD) would like to remind members using the ranges to be aware of other’s potential concerns and practice social distancing as you are seeing advocated elsewhere in the news.

Reminder that the Shotgun Ranges are staffed by volunteer members and on any given day it may be determined that an event may need to be cancelled at the last minute if we are not able to get someone to cover the event. (This is actually no different from any “normal” day as people have unforeseen circumstances pop up in their lives, but just asking the membership to be more mindful of it in these current times.)

For New Members that have been sworn in but still need to take the Outdoor Range Orientation that will still be taking place, this Saturday, March 21 at 10:00am. If you are unable to attend this ORO, please contact one of the OR Committee members (listed on the website) and they will try to work out a time with you.

For potential new members looking to join MWSA we are suspending acceptance of new memberships. The BoD asks that you check back to the website for notification when we reopen membership and resume the Membership Meetings.

NRA Training Courses
If you are currently registered for an NRA Course the Instructor will be in touch.

For those of you not aware, the Club does maintain a Facebook page, and will be trying to post updates there as well, as an additional method of communication with the general shooting public.

Board of Directors’ Meetings
At this time the BoD meetings will still be occurring in order for the Club to continue to conduct business. However, we are still working out the format these future meetings will take. To be clear, the Board is doing its best to take everyone’s health concerns into consideration, follow the current By-Laws on conducting meetings, and leverage new technology available to us. Stay tuned for more information on this subject as it becomes available. In the meantime, if any member has any question about what business is being conducted at the Club please feel free to reach out to a Board Member.