MWSA: Members asked to TAKE ACTION – help us stop a ban on gun use in Barrington

Dear MWSA Members,

It has come to our attention that an effort is underway in Barrington to prevent all use of firearms in the town, not only on public land, but on private land as well.

Obviously, this is a serious threat to our private property and second amendment rights. It could also lead to the closure of our range.

There is a small group of people with a history of anti-gun activism circulating a petition to create town ordinances to ban gun use, on the basis of noise issues, the environment and misguided safety concerns.

But it’s obvious that this isn’t about noise – because it only attacks gun use, without mentioning other noise like roads, fireworks, music etc.

This is about preventing you from using your guns on your land. It would force the Police to conduct inspections of people’s property where they shoot.

The proposal is also an attack on hunting – it would end hunting on SELT public lands and end Sunday hunting.

The proposal is also an attack on hunting – it would end hunting on SELT public lands.

If this passes in Barrington, other towns could get the same idea. And if we don’t show strong opposition to this, their next move could be to take it to the state level.

Therefore, the MWSA Board has created a counter-petition, asking the Barrington Board of Selectmen to reject this unworkable and unconstitutional proposal. It is worded in a similar way to the bad petition, to oppose it point by point.


This is URGENT – we only have until June 18th to stop this bad proposal!

Please forward this email and share with like-minded people.

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