MWSA will be resuming shotgun events starting Saturday, June 13.

In light of the recent changes in the Governor’s relaxing of some of the social distancing restrictions,
MWSA will be resuming shotgun events, Trap, Skeet, and 5-Stand starting this Saturday, June 13.

1) Volunteers have been scheduled for the next month for Trap, Skeet & 5 Stand
2) Shooting can include non-members
3) “Social Distancing” similar to outside table/deck service at restaurant.  Shooters will be
encouraged to wear masks but not required.  (Noted we are not requiring masks at the OR.)
4) Club has provided hand sanitizer, gloves, and masks for those who want them.
5) Payment: punch cards recommended.  However, will take exact change or check.
6) Event Coordinator will handle sign up, squading, and payment. A table will be set up outside
of the Shotgun Shack for this purpose.
7) No one should be in the Shotgun Shack except to get the range equipment and returning it
at the end of the event.
8) Anyone who is not comfortable with these procedures should remain at home and not
9) Noting for Information:
a. Skeet Pads are 30 feet apart
b. Trap stations are 10 feet apart
c. 5 Stand stations have been moved to be 6 feet apart

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