NRA Instructor Courses being offered at MWSA

Pistol Instructor
NRA Basic Pistol Shooting (student) 3/16, Basic Instructor Training 3/30, NRA Pistol Instructor 4/13
NRA Pistol Instructor

Shotgun Instructor
Basic Instructor Training 3/30, NRA Basic Shotgun Shooting (student) 5/10 &5/11, NRA Shotgun Instructor 5/18
NRA Shotgun Instructor

Rifle Instructor
Basic Instructor Training 3/30, NRA Basic Rifle Shooting (student) TBD,
NRA Rifle Instructor

Cost of the training is $250 per Discipline however if you are an MWSA member and you note on your application that you intend to help MWSA is presenting the student course in the disciplines you enroll in your fee will be the deposit fee for the instructor course ($100 for Pistol, $125 for either Shotgun or Rifle) No payment will be required for the student course related to the discipline of your instructor training.

Do not register online for the student course if you register for the instructor course I will do that after I have received your completed instructor application. which can be mailed to the address at the top left of page 1 or emailed to either this address or the one given on the application. Checks for the fee should be made out to MWSA and sent to MWSA, PO Box 314 Barrington, NH 03825.

If you intend to take the Rifle Instructor training please complete and return the application now so I know how many packets I need to order for the Basic Instructor Training.

The online links above allow registration and will give you access to a PDF file describing the qualification requirements to attend the instructor training,but if the instructors to the student course you are taking do their job you should have no difficulty meeting those requirements.

Thank you for your interest in becoming NRA instructors and helping the public become safe firearm owners,

Ron Thomas

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