Sportsmen’s Yard Sale – Saturday, September 21 – No Firearms Sales.

Saturday, September 21 from 8 am till Noon

Major Waldron Sportmen’s Association will be hosting a Sportsmen’s Yard Sale for the members to set up a space and get rid of some of your extra hunting, fishing, shooting, etc sporting gear!

Basic idea is we’ve all got some extra stuff laying around (how many holsters do you really use?), but not enough to want to mess with setting up your own yard sale. This way we can get together, people know in advance what they’ll be seeing (no used baby clothes here, unless they are camo!) and maybe you’ll even get a chance to find a thing or two you really needed.

General plan, email the coordinator if you have some stuff and are interested in participating.

Plan on bringing your own blanket, tarp, or table to display your wares on.

Show up the morning of and be ready to wheel & deal your way to riches!

Alternate Option: email the coordinator and let him know if you have some quality merchandise* that you are willing to donate to the Club. Club will be responsible for selling it, and any cash received will go into the Club’s charity fund. (Current charity fund is the Barrington Food Bank.) (Any unsold merchandise will go to Goodwill or the dump.)

*Note, the coordinator will be a stickler on this point, donations must be items that he thinks will sell. Your kid’s hunting jacket that they outgrew, okay. The old hunting jacket that went through three of your kids, is covered in blood stains and held together with a mix of camo and orange duct tape, nope.

Coordinator is also looking for a volunteer or two to help with advertising, posting to Craig’s List, Facebook, where ever else they advertise these things.

Coordinator: Dan Keleher, email: