The MWSA Board of Directors is asking the membership to write in opposition of Senate Bill 469

Currently NH law requires shooting ranges to comply with noise ordinances that were in place at the time the range was created. Senate Bill 469 proposes to repeal that law and replace it with a new version which would require ranges to comply with current noise ordinances, fines for each offense, and allow any person to bring a lawsuit against the range based on noise. I’m sure it is not lost on our membership that there isn’t a range in the State that would be able to stay open for long while fighting multiple lawsuits from anti-gunners on the basis of a single gunshot can exceed current noise limits.

Here is the full bill if you’d like to read it:

To help kill this bill early we are asking all members of MWSA to send a letter/comments to the NH Senate Judiciary Committee in opposition to SB469. Names and email addresses for the Committee members are below.
To make this a little easier, you can click this link, scroll down to Judiciary, click on “Email the Entire Committee”:

We also ask that you CC or send a copy to your local House Representative as well. If you do not have their contact information you can find it using this link:

And lastly, we’d ask that you contact the Governor and let him know your opposition to this proposed bill and request that if it makes it out of Congress that he veto this one as he did last year with several other similar anti-gun rights bills. Also let him know that you appreciate his continued support of NH citizen’s current gun rights and the State’s current gun laws.
Governor can be reached via this link:


NH Senate Judiciary Committee


I’m writing to ask that you determine Senate Bill 469 Act Relative to Shooting Ranges as “Do Not Pass”.

I am a member of Major Waldron Sportsmen’s Association, a non-profit conservation club that operates a shooting range in Barrington and has been in operation since 1931. Our range, and others like it across the state provide a safe place to practice shooting sports and learn responsible gun handling and ownership. As a New Hampshire resident and constituent, I am concerned that should it pass this bill will mean the end of shooting ranges in NH. If that were to happen, citizens would be left with no choice but having to resort to practicing shooting sports elsewhere, outside the controlled environment of an organized shooting sports facility.

This bill is proposed as a noise control ordinance. However, it is clearly anti-gun in nature, as it does not address noise generated by race tracks, concert venues, stadiums, construction work sites, or town firework displays. Many of these examples are not only higher in peak decibel levels, but also emit noise for extended hours.

This bill as written is an attack against existing NH businesses and law-abiding citizens, and appears to be nothing more than a thinly vailed anti-gun piece of legislation. Please continue to keep safe places for New Hampshire residents to enjoy outdoor activities, including shooting sports, by recommending this bill as “Do Not Pass”.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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