Major Waldron

MWSA Forms

All guests are required to complete a “Release and Assumption of Risk” form prior to using the facilities.

Individual Release and Assumption of Risk Waiver

Group Release and Assumption of Risk Waiver

BOD Nomination Form

This form is to be used for members wishing to run for the Board of Directors and submitted no later than the close of the November Board of Director’s meeting.

MWSA Work Form

Members are reminded that they must either turn in their completed Work Program forms or send an additional $35 with their membership renewal if they choose the buy-out option.

Indoor Range Access Form

This form is used for a member to apply and qualify for access to the indoor range. Member must have completed 1 year of membership to be eligible for a key.

Event Scheduling Application

Use this form to schedule an event with the club. Events must be scheduled NLT the first Monday prior to the event date.

MWSA Digital Income Sheet

Use this digital form to track and record income for an MWSA event or range activity.

MWSA Digital Expense Form

Please use this digital form to track qualified expenses for an MWSA event.

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