Major Waldron

Sportsman’s Yard Sale!

We will be having our annual (well, sorta annual barring any pandemics) Sportsman’s Yard Sale!  Got some old Sports/Hunting/Outdoorsey Stuff you are looking to Sell?  Bring it!

Looking to purchase some of Said Items?  Show up and see what we have!  NOTE: NO live ammo, Guns or other things like weapons or otherwise go boom will be allowed for sale.  If you are an FFL and want to turn up with a list of items that you have for sale offsite at your location (and will actually sell/deliver at your place of business in the future), let us know.

If you want to get really fancy and have alot of stuff, bring a table or blanket to setup!  In any event, a good time will be had by all and who knows, maybe I can move some of the 100 odd holsters I have laying around. (Anybody need a holster for a 1890 Mini Musket?)


Hope to see you there!

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Aug 13 2022


All Day