MWSA Announcement: 11/2 Defensive Pistol match for shooters with disabilities at SIG

The Club received the following information and is passing along in case anyone is interested or knows someone who may be.

To whom it may concern,

I am running an indoor defensive pistol match for shooters with disabilities at the SIG Sauer Academy on Saturday, November 2 nd. Participants are also able to attend a training session with SIG Academy instructors on Friday, November 1 st from 1-5 pm at no cost to them.

This match will follow the IDPA BUG (back up gun) format however, competitors can shoot whatever pistol or revolver they prefer. Round count will be 150 rounds for the training and 100 for the match. Participants can purchase ammo onsite.

I am looking for help spreading the word. Would you please send the flyer and website link to your members?

This match is only for shooters with disabilities, disability is defined on the website for the purposes of this match.

Trevor Baucom

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